David Guetta Nicki Minaj “Turn Me On”

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This is that dark club, ecstasy poppin, mounds of coke being consumed while bitches get naked and experiment with other hoes while ciroc gets poured straight from the bottle music!  Favorite clubs when I’m in NY, Miami and overseas, have the most fun…  Nicki is apart of it too so I decided to include the “Stupid Hoe.”  Official 2012 prototype for a bitch is Nicki Minaj or Rihanna…  Also got some stupid hoes included… Caught Lebron riding to the Heat game because of traffic, nigga is a beast!!


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One day after coming thru with the trailer we get blessed with the full video!  Great way to get the week going along with the nice weather…

“Off Top I’m bossed up

You ain’t talking money??

Don’t talk to us”

2012 is all about random moves (no homo) to get money and so hoes can get naked out here, what else is there to talk about…  Had to add some hoes as well just to complete the picture…  All you bitches stay on your grind and try to look like these chicks we lust after, might learn something bitch, smoke something bitch as Pimp C (RIP) would say!

Blake Griffin/Lebron James Dunk

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Woke up this morning and the internet was on fire about Blake Griffin and his monstrous dunk over Kendrick Perkins (classic that http://www.bossip.com called the nigga Kendrick Lamar, HA!).  Lebron dunked all over John Lucas III this weekend as well so it has been a crazy 72 hours of dunks!!  Check the dunks below along with the usual suspects in terms of hoes…  Added some Slim Dunkin too, RIP…  Tuesday shit nigga…


Rick Ross Birthday/SAG Awards

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Rick Ross + all the ballers made it rain all weekend for his birthday, got pics plus some SAG Award photos of all the hoes in the house…  Mirror on the wall, here we are again, through my rise and fall, you’ve been my only friend…  Also had to include this trailer for Weezy shit “Mirrors”.  This “Why Stop Now” video just dropped and it was a bit underwhelming but I included it just to get my page views poppin, fuck it, we going so hard 2012 nigga…  Also Basketball Wives is back so we can see our favorite hoes battle for ratings but another show is on the horizon, “Mistresses of Atlanta” and it stars our Jew Rawls (@JewRawls) favorite hoe Maliah.  Got some promo pics of them hoes too, week starting off right…  Random thought process>>

Magic Trailer- Future

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Some more smut and trap music, remember the game never stops until you fuckin dead so shut the fuck up, stop crying and put that work in!!  Make the difficult seem like Magic…  Voila…  Whores!!

Alli the Abstract- Al Condone

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Salute to the young homey Alli the Abstract, putting in work out here in these DMV streets and them tweets (@AllitheAbstract).  Here go his first video titled “Al Condone” which looks like it was shot guerrilla style in them Georgetown back blocks to beat the cops, raw imagery and hot song so definitely check it out…  As usual we got random pics and hoes after the jump to keep up the motivation…  Stay focused out here in these streets, tweets, wherever the fuck you at… Bonus= MGK


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This video is total anarchy, which is a good thing at times to provide inspiration out of this monotonous society.  I haven’t listened to too much ASVP Rocky tracks but from what I heard it’s fresh, original and catchy.  Video inspired me to collect random photos as I usually do but just go even harder.  Make you wanna find some dusty white sluts who eat pussy and watch them snort coke in between sucking cock while catching up on twitter.  Anyway, Frass Bitch!!